System TE


INTEGRATED ELECTRO-FAN: extreme compactness.

Reduced overall dimensions of the machine with the electro-fan positioned under the work table with reduced noise emissions.


ELECTRONIC DETECTORS : safety and reliability

The use of electronic detectors, not sensitive to the possible presence of dust and photocells, not sensitive to mechanical wear, ensures far higher durability than the traditional electronic systems.


“POLI-V” BELT TRANSMISSION SYSTEM: high efficiency power transmission

The utilisation of multi-grooved belts with a self-tensioning system ensures an extremely powerful, efficient and silent transmission, even during the most extreme processing conditions.


DIGITAL READ-OUT: quick and accurate positioning

Simple and precise manual adjustment of the working height of the roller.






The new compact and reliable System TE has been designed to fulfill the production requirements of companies that don’t require specific production processes but prefer a versatility of use.

Technical Data

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