System t


INNOVATIVE SYSTEM FOR SIDE UNITS EXTRACTION Side extraction of the disc units and the crossbelt unit on telescopic prismatic guides allowing to speed all activities concerning tool changing, panel cleaning and routine maintenance.



The exclusive planetary unit with oil bath gears and with pads speed independent from planetary discs speed, allows to obtain extremely uniform surface finishing thanks to multi-directionality of its action.



The innovative “saw blade” unit allows you to recreate the irregular surface effect produced by using a bandsaw. The ability to regulate the depth of the blade cut, and the rotation speed of the blade, enables the user to control the depth and distribution of the cuts, making it possible to choose the kind of finish you wish to create every single time.



The new range of System sanders allows the user to create completely customized machine configurations, which can satisfy the most specific production requirements, thanks to the wide range of technological solutions on offer and the totally modular structural design.


System is available with supporting structures able to house up to 10 operating units, to which two external cross-belt units can be added. The modular structure of the machine and the newly designed operating units (each one with its own electronic and pneumatic components on-board)  ensure re that the machine composition can always keep abreast with the variable production requirements. In fact the single operating units can be replaced quickly and economically (or their order inside the machine can simply be changed).

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