System bt22 2200


The industrial design of System B is based on a wide sharing of construction components between bottom units and top units machine. This rational solution let the end user make easier the maintenance operations, and to stock fewer wearing spare parts for both machines


The 400 mm diameter grooved steel roller, combined with the high motor power available, enable high stock removal on solid wood in heavy-duty calibrating cycles


The steel pressure bars feature a strong gantry-type structure and an innovative pneumatic locking system both guaranteed to hold the workpiece securely in place under the operating units. The results are plain to see. An excellent performance even on the heaviest calibrating tasks






System BT22 2200 is a high productivity calibrating-sanding center designed to process both panel sides in a single pass.

This  solution have been designed for the large-sized companies in the woodworking industry, requiring high working speed and strong stock removals in heavy-duty production lines. The bottom unit machine and the top unit machine can be integrated in a single unit or can be supplied as two stand-alone units joined by a conveyor belt.


Main equipment

  • Calibrating/Sanding unit with 400 mm diameter roller
  • Air blade unit for pieces cleaning
  • Vacuum hold-down table with electric fan embedded in the machine frame
  • Total management of the machine through "Hydra-PC" installed on an adjustable arm frame

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